Becoming who I am

In the world of transgenders there are great distinctions and  every person is different.

After my photo exhibition Inside Out, I decided to make a sequel in the form of a photo book picturing ten different transgender persons, each of them were telling their own story. With the support of the council of The Hague, I managed to realise the photo book: Becoming who I am.

After each interview I felt privileged to be able to meet these people. Their stories affected me deeply. They agreed to share their exceptional stories with me and, subsequently, with the readers. I hope that these stories will ensure more mutual respect. Accept everyone as a human being, the way you yourself would want to be accepted.

In this book, the reader will get to know ten exceptional, and at the same time quite normal, people. Some look like a man, others look like a woman and for some it is not so obvious. Does it matter? Ultimately everyone wants to be himself.
“That feels so powerful.”

The book is available in Dutch and in English via every book shops and online webshops like and Amazon.

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Turks behind the dikes

In the first years of my immigration to Netherland, I was amazed at the clichés that exist in a broad circle of the Dutch population about Turks. The discussion about migration and integration tends to focus on failures. You could forget that the integration of many new Dutch people goes smoothly and steadily.
This exhibition is dedicated to this group of people. In a series of 21 engaging portraits, an image of successful Turkish Dutchmen is made, each of which contributes to Dutch society in their own way. The photos in which the attributes are played lightly with Dutch and Turkish stereotypes are accompanied by short interviews with the portraits. They tell about their life, love, work and relationship to both countries.

Inside Out Text

What is the project about?

I’ve known Robin for eight years, as long as I live in the Netherlands. When I first met her, she seemed an ordinary girl of 11 years old. But a year later, I heard that she was often bullied at school because many children found her an outsider. She went to another school, but that was not an improvement, she started to exhibit problematic behavior, was unruly and started drinking and smoking. After much talking, it became clear to everyone that Robin thought she was born in the wrong body. Eventually she convinced her parents that she wanted to have a sex change operation.

Why I made this project?

I became interested in this subject because the transformation of a girl’s body in a boy’s body was an unknown phenomenon for me. But it can happen in your immediate environment, even in your own family and without any cause. In addition, I found the subject bullying important. Even in the tolerant Netherlands, many children and adult people harassed on a daily basis because of their otherness. These two issues were my motive to make this documentary photo project and thereby put these issues on the agenda. If my project can change of behavior of a few people, it is already a success for me.


I worked together with photographer Geert Snoeijer for creating unique photo artworks for the Corendon Vitality Hotel Amsterdam. City and landscape elements within and around the area of Amsterdam and Istanbul. Puzzle pieces of both cities that resulted in attractieve photo art works that transform Amsterdam and Istanbul into a single image.

On 17 November 2015 the reception and ceremony of the “Friendship Prize Netherlands – Turkey” which is annually organised by the Corendon Foundation was held at the Turkish Embassy. Dutch footballer Dirk Kuyt was present via live connection on the screen and he got my photo “Morning Mist” as the prize. Also the Dutch Ambassador Ron Keller from Ankara got one of my Istanbul photos.

Corendon Vitality Hotel